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Can you name the usable masks from Zelda: Majora's Mask?

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Use to get a Heart Piece from Mailboxes
Lets you stay awake through even the longest stories
Lets you blow up your face
Makes you invisible to most others
Attracts stray fairies in dungeons
Lets you win a Heart Piece from a certain fox creature
Plays a tune to attract small animals
Run much faster than usual
Use to talk to the five musical frogs
Picks up the smell of mushrooms
Membership pass for the Milk Bar
Its sad face can make any grump cry
Use to begin the very long and tedious quest involving the mask's likeness
The end result of that long sidequest, it gets you one Heart Piece from the mayor
Can talk to Gossip Stones and also allows you to read animal's thoughts
You dance like a pro
Allows you to talk to those mummy-like enemies of the same name
Necessary to enter Ikana Canyon
Allows you to order Stalchildren around
Can only be used in the Twinmold boss room
Transform into a small wooden creature of the same name
Transform into a large burly creature of the same name
Transform into a fish-like creature of the same name
Assume the form of an adult-sized warrior in boss rooms only

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