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Can you name the Toaru Universe Characters?

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A Certain High School
Level 0 - Imagine Breaker 
Science & Magic Double Agent 
Level 0, Blue Hair 
Gemstone - Deep Blood 
Level 0, Big Forehead 
Adviser for a Board Member 
Child-like Teacher 
Tracksuit-wearing Anti-Skill Teacher 
Beauty-obsessed Teacher 
Gorilla-like Teacher 
Tokiwadai Middle School
Level 5 - Railgun 
Level 5 - Mental Out 
Level 4 - Teleporter 
Level 4 - Aero Hand 
Level 4 - Telekinesis 
Level 4 - Rampage Dress 
Level 3 - Float Dial 
Level 3 - Hydro Hand 
Level 3 - Telepathy 
Astral Buddy Judgment Member 
Archery Club Member 
Elderly Teacher 
Grandson of the Director 
Board of Directors
Board Chairman 
Relies on a 'Brain' for Information 
Always Wears a Powered Suit 
Likes Fine Dining 
'Disposable' Board Member 
Deceased Male Board Member 
Agitate Halation Mastermind 
Level 5 - Vector Control 
Level 4 - Move Point 
Aztec Magician 
Level 5 - Meltdowner 
Level 4 - AIM Stalker 
Level 4 - Offense Armor 
Explosives Expert 
ITEM Underling, Former Skill-Out 
Level 5 - Dark Matter 
Girl in the _____ - Measure Heart 
Female Sniper 
Male Sniper 
Level 4 - Psychokinesis 
Hacking and Robotics Expert 
Aztec Magician 
Level 3 - Kill Point 
Level 4 - Liquid Shadow 
Former Anti-Skill 
Killed and has his Face Stolen 
Mind Reader 
Level 3 - Predator 
Friction-based Esper 
Level 3 - Psychokinesis of Paper 
Chemical-based Esper 
Kihara Family
Leader of Hound Dog 
SYSTEM Project Leader 
Leader of MAR 
Illusion Expert 
Transformation Expert 
Personality Emulation Expert 
Negotiation Expert 
Romance Expert 
Anti-Kihara Expert 
Level 4 - Bomber Lance 
Powered Suit Specialist 
Disciplinary Action
DA Member 
DA Member 
DA Member 
Level 6 Shift Project
'Naive' Former Researcher 
Testament Designer 
Former Researcher 
Security Supervisor 
Sisters Prototype 
Sister Used in Experiment #1 
First Sister to go Outdoors 
First Sister to Meet The Original 
Final Sister to be Killed 
First Sister to be Saved 
Sister Kidnapped by DA 
Sister Involved in WWIII 
Sister Inputted with more Emotions 
Sister used as the Network Console 
First Sister of the 'Third Season' 
Collective Consciousness of all Sisters 
Sakugawa Middle School
Level 1 - Thermal Hand, Goalkeeper 
Level 0, Rumor Specialist 
Level Upper User 
Level Upper User 
Level Upper User 
Level 2 - Telepathy 
Child Error, Telepath 
Teacher who helps at Asunaro Park 
Other Students
Level 5 Gemstone 
#6 Level 5 
Cleaning Robot-riding Maid 
Level 2 - Violence Doughnut 
Jumpy Bunny 
Liquid Diamond Rescuer 
Level 0 - Agitate Halation 
Level 3 - Mental Stinger 
#6 Impersonator 
Voice Amplification Esper 
Level 3 - Clairvoyance 
Skill-Out, Ninja 
Graviton Bomber 
Level Upper User, _____ Art 
Indian Poker Creator 
Precognitive Esper 
Level 0, Idol 
Level 4 - Earth Palette 
Other Science-Side Characters
Artificial Angel 
Holy Guardian Angel 
Level Upper Creator 
Seemingly Human Immortal 
Ability-Emulating Cyborg 
Skill-Out Leader 
Big Spider Leader 
Anti-Skill Member 
Explosives Expert, Former Anti-Skill 
Human Brain in a Killer Whale 
Bodyguard, Ninja 
Big Spider Leader Impersonator 
Civilian AI 
Anglican Archbishop 
Protector of 103'000 Grimoires 
Runic Fire Mage 
Golem User 
Former Catholic Nun-in-training 
Water-based Magic 
Earth-based Magic 
Wind-based Magic 
Amakusa-Style Remix of Church
Substitute Pontiff 
Friuli Spear User 
Agnese Forces
Lotus Wand User 
Coin Bags of St. Matthew User 
Wheel of St. Catherine User 
British Royal Family
Queen of England 
First Princess 
Second Princess 
Third Princess 
Second in Command of the Coup 
Roman Catholic Church
Former Pope 
Current Pope 
'Queen of the Adriatic Sea' Commander 
Courier, Shorthand User 
Evangelical Nun 
God's Right Seat
Holy Right User 
Divine Mother's Mercy User 
Execution of Light User 
Divine Punishment User 
Russian Orthodox Church
Vessel of Archangel Gabriel 
Fairy Tale-based Magic User 
Bishop, Attempted Usurper 
Magic God 
Direct Combat Member 
Drum-shaped Shapeshifting Magician 
Illusion-based Magician 
Advice-based Magician 
Fertility-based Magician 
Cinderella-based Magician 
Mind Control-based Magician 
New Light
Gjallarhorn User 
Dragon Tail User 
Dragon Wing User 
Dragon Claw User 
Kamisato Faction
World Rejecter User 
Flower-based Gemstone 
Fox Girl 
UFO Girl 
Mass Murderer 
Ghost Girl 
Pirate GIrl 
Cosplay Girl 
True Gremlin
Buddhist Mummy 
Egyptian Crying Woman 
Chinese Shijie-Xian 
Voodoo Magic God 
Golden Dawn
Co-founder, Symbolic Weapon User 
Co-founder, Quasi-immortal 
Windowless Building AI 
Blasting Rod User 
Other Magic-Side Characters
Demon of Dispersion 
Immortal, Endymion Creator 
Head of Dawn-Colored Sunlight 
Member of Dawn-Colored Sunlight 
Failed Magic God 
Saint, Barrier Specialist 
Saint, Valkyrie 
Bow of Azusa User 
French Magic-Side Leader 
Leads an Alliance of Independent Nations 
Collective Identity of Magicians 
Disgraced Aztec Magician 
Aztec Leader 
Relatives of Espers
Responsible for Angel Fall 
Mother who looks surprisingly young 
Cousin who appears as Railgun 
Man who points out what the world lacks 
Mother who looks surprisingly young 
Other Normal Characters
Baggage City Contestant 
US President 
US President's Aide 
Ninja, Baggage City Contestant 
Sample Shoggoth Host 
Serial Killer 
Famous Male Idol 
Male Calico Cat 
Magical Girl TV Character 

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