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Can you name the words and phrases using 'head'?

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one of Lawndale High's most famous students
1988 John Cusack/Tim Robbins film
What Kryten has difficulty calling Arnold Rimmer
Thomas Jefferson, Queen Elizabeth I, Shirley Manson, and about 2% of the world's population
a heavy metal fan
'Be alert! Something's coming your way!'
military term for a coastal area held by an invasion force
intersection of a train line and other form of transportation
a fan of the band with Jerry, Mickey, Pigpen, and others
Rob Petrie's job on The Dick Van Dyke Show
what the lady at the unemployment office thought Rob Petrie's job was
in hockey, passing the puck the player furthest in front
a very sour candy, or a nuclear device
military term for an airfield surrounded by hostile forces; or an idiot
what the Queen of Hearts said in Wonderland
Milton Bradley boardgame about school
slang for psychiatrist
a cannibal; or a job recruiter
who Dick Solomon reported to on 3RftS
topsy-turvy from strong emotion, such as love
roll call
Mr Kilmister's band
brand of shampoo
Oscar-winning costume designer
beam supporting a ship's anchor
settlement on Tatooine
what the posse will do
where the general and his staff plan strategy
an urgent court martial
a cold cut made from meat in aspic
fan of a popular talk radio personality
a cape or promontory
a brain pain
don't drive at night without them!
term for Wisconsinite, sometime derogatory
a town in Berkshire, England that would make answer #1 say heh-heh-heh
willfull and stubborn
Illinois band known for 'Never Been Any Reason'
1974 Sam Peckinpah film with Warren Oates and Gig Young

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