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Can you name the songswith 'girl' or 'girls' in their titles?

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they aren't, but the Beach Boys (and David Lee Roth) wishes they all could be
just what exactly do girls want, Cyndi?
what can make The Temptations feel this way?
Hey, Freddy Mercury and Queen, who'll be ridin' today?
OMG! Like, Frank and Moon Unit Zappa wrote a song about, like, US! Like, gag me with a spoon!
1965 bossa nova hit, now most often heard in elavators
Mötley Crüe's three favorite things
Seals and Crofts did not mention baseball in this hit from 1973
Billy Joel married the star of this song's video
Van Morrison asks if she remembers when they used to sing Sha la la la la la la la la la la te da
the video for this David Bowie song featured an atomic bomb explosion, but no bikinis atoll
same title, different songs by Madonna and the Eurythmics
Gary Puckett's love for her is way out of line--and so is the Union Gap's?
the video for this Pat Wilson song featured a 15-year-old Nicole Kidman
after 'Jewish Princess,' Frank Zappa offended another religious group with this song
the song that saved Rick Springfield's career in music
Van Halen's song about a snappy little mammy
Gwen Stefani of No Doubt says she is, but she is NOT...
a remake of this 1967 hit by Neil Diamond featured prominently in Pulp Fiction
why Neil Sedaka will always know every day, every day (every day!), of the year
The Seekers' highest charting single, title track from a 1965 movie
Neil Young's 1970 single is NOT about Ginger, Baby, Scary, Posh, or Sporty
in 1978, this song by the Rolling Stones managed to offend almost all women, not just...
a classic marching song since the 1700s
Donna Summer hit that should be used for the title credits of a reality show called Cop-ettes
they might if they hear Frankie Valli's falsetto fronting for the Four Seasons
Julie Brown song inspired a Jeff Goldblum/Geena Davis movie--this is not a hard one
Duran Duran song that inspired naked women on video, not...
in the movie Help, the recording of this song is ruined by the noise of a chainsaw
Simon & Garfunkel's only hit when they were billed as Tom & Jerry
the Milli Vanilli lip-synching scandal revealed the irony of this song title
OXO's one and only hit
urban legend claims this Tom Petty song is about a suicide

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