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Can you name the phrases with 'eye' or 'eyes' in them?

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trees of genus Aesculus, or OSU's teams
two, in Vegas--but not a deuce!
guide animal
amorous facial expression
late night flight; or the curse of home photography
the malocchio, a glance that curses
a type of salmon
phase of sleep when dreaming occurs; inspired Stipe, Buck, and Mills
a cichlid fish, Dimidiochromis compressiceps
you may look at but not copy this top secret document
band with Stacy Ann Ferguson, Allan Pinedo Lindo, Jaime Luis Gomez, and William James Adams Jr
ignore something in plain sight
my darling, or my pupil
pioneer of frozen foods Clarence
a wide-angle lens producing a hemispherical image
what your mom said when you didn't clean your plate
1978 Faye Dunaway/Tommy Lee Jones thriller
spot on! direct hit!
not a steelie nor an aggie
to agree
a tense confrontation at close quarters
what 'cyclops' means in English
someone or something pleasing to look at
Alan Dean Foster's sequel to Star Wars
the calm center of a hurricane or tornado
goes with a parrot and a wooden leg
the Helix Nebula
diamond-shaped yarn craft with spiritual significance
military command to turn soldiers' heads
official fish of Minnesota, South Dakota, and Sakatchewan
the sun, origin of the word 'daisy'
where beauty is
1975 Eagles hit song from the album 'One of these Nights'
not very likely!
animal star of 1960s TV series 'Daktari'
Anableps anableps, a fish that does NOT wear glasses
popular name for amblyopia
Shakespearean description of jealousy
Old Testament doctrine of justice
how fighter pilots spotted enemy planes before radar
nickname of Benjamin Franklin Pierce
done with ease
1982 album by the Allan Parsons Project
gemstone that might be confused with the theme song to Rocky III

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