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Can you name the people below and identify what they have in common?

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star of TV's Hogan's Heroes
English architect; designer of St Paul's cathedral
British journalist; 'the first lady of Fleet Street'
Wiinie the Pooh's human friend
wide receiver for the NFL Pittsburgh Steelers during their 1970s dominance
won posthumous best actor Oscar for Network, 1977
'the lady with the lamp;' established professional nursing
American singer/songwriter; all she wants to do is have some fun
nominated for best actor Oscar for Mrs. Miniver
vice-president under George Bush
actor formerly known as Leaf; worked hard to get Cash
British and European heavyweight boxing champion after WWII
first skateboarder to land a 900 in competition
King Arthur's court magician
Irish satirist; Lemuel Gulliver's creator
stand-up comic and actress; original host of The Biggest Loser
English physiologist; discoverer of peristalsis
actor and comic; 'a wild and crazy guy'
Canadian comic actor know for his Charlie Farquharson character
Saturn Award-winning actress; played Newt in Aliens
actress who did not play Newt in Aliens, Ghostbusters, Galaxy Quest, or Avatar
18th century US army engineer, foundry superintendent, and designer of rifled guns
first commander of the WACs; first Secretary of HEW
founded the media group that publishes USA Today
PGA rookie of the year 1973; 1992 US Open winner
first Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court
play by Aristophanes; movie by Hitchcock; and what this quiz should have been named

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