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Forced Order
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Lyrics in EnglishBandSong
Party is always a good medicine, just a complete idiot dies of boredom, we want everyday everything that life has of good.
Without a direction, corpses stroll, hoping for a signal whereby they survive.
Complicated and Perfect, She appeared to me, It's all I've always wanted, lucky star.
Each one made their lifes in a different way, sometimes I ask: Accursed or Inoccent?
I don't have kind, I ain't nobody, I don't have a heritage that matches with you, But I am the one who makes you feel good.
If it's not me, Who's gonna make you happy?
We're the sons of the revolution, we're bourgeois with no religion, we're the future of the nation, Coca-Cola generation.
My heart has secrets that move the loneliness, the loneliness
Lyrics in EnglishBandSong
It makes we want everything, the little isn't an option, Is it unreal to have the world in my hands?
I am the fear of weakness, the force of imagination, the bluff of the player, I am, I was, I will be.
While you wait for me in the dark, I seize the opportunity to enjoy the morning sun.
Tired with my big socks, praying silently around, for being a bad girl
People think that just because we're rockers we don't have feelings, neither sons or family, just sores.
In the assurance of a love, I feel like nothing, because without your love, I feel alone, I drown in loneliness
Images of a volcano in Philippines are live in a tv station of Mozambique

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