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QUIZ: Can you name the leaders/warlords of China prior to the Jin Dynasty?

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Pinyin and Wade-Giles Spelling Accepted
Leader of the Coalition
False Emperor
Fleeing Son
Fleeing Son
Allied with Emperor of Wei to defeat his brother
Tiger of Jiangdong
Little Conqueror
First Emperor of Eastern Wu
2nd Emperor of Eastern Wu
3rd Emperor of Eastern Wu
Final Emperor of Eastern Wu
Emperor of Shu Han
Final Emperor of Shu Han
Made the foundation of the Wei Dynasty
1st Emperor of Wei
2nd Emperor of Wei
3rd Emperor of Wei
4th Emperor of Wei
Final Emperor of Wei
Governer of Jing Province
Commander-in-chief during Yellow Turban Rebellion
Tyrant leader following the 10 Eunuchs deaths
Betrayer of Fathers, Mightiest Warrior of the land
East Wu's King of Morals
Governer of Hui Ji; aided East Wu's King of Morals
Pinyin and Wade-Giles Spelling Accepted
Governor of Xu Province
Rebellious leader in Liang Province
Sworn Brother of Rebellious leader in Liang Province
The Splendid
5 Pecks of Rice religion founder
Southern rebel against the Shu Han
Leader after The Tyrant, Split Chang An with fellow Generals
Controlled part of Chang An, Believed his ally wanted to kill him
His urprise attack in Wan killed Dian Wei
General of the Bai Ma Cavalry
Governer of Liao Dong, Successful attacker of Korea
2nd Governer of Liao Dong, son of the 1st
3rd Governer of Liao Dong, Brother of the 2nd Governer
4th Governer of Liao Dong, later King of Yan
Member of the Coalition; Later served Xiahou Dun
Governer of Jizhou, Member of the Coalition
Governer of You Province, Member of the Coalition
Governer of Yizhou, Member of the Coalition
2nd Governer of Yizhou, Lost Cheng Du to future emperor of Shu Han
Governer of Bingzhou, killed by his Son
Protector of Yan, Member of the Coalition
Protector of Yuzhou, Member of the Coalition
Leader of Heishan Bandits
Governor of Bei Hai, One of the Seven Scholars of Jian'an
The Great Teacher, Leader of Yellow Turban Rebellion

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