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English actor best known as TV's Dr. HouseAmerican actress known for playing Jackie on Roseanne
American actor known as Rocky Balboa's trainerAmerican TV personality and game show host
Seven-time winner of the Tour de FranceSyndicated columnist paid by the Bush administration to write glowingly of 'No Child Left Behind'
Prime minister of CanadaAuthor of 'To Kill a Mockingbird'
American landscape painter and printmakerAnimated TV dad
Former President of MexicoDavid Duchovny's character from 'The X-Files'
American patriot known for his 'Give me liberty, or give me death!' speechPeruvian-born Scottish actor, best known from 'Lost'
Birth name of the first wife of Prince Charles of WalesAmerican actor nominated for the Best Actor Oscar nine times
American criminal, born Lester GillisFormer President of South Africa and longtime anti-apartheid voice
American female professional wrestlerPresident of Chile, first woman to hold the office
Member of The BeatlesAmerican actor best known as Indiana Jones or Han Solo
American country/folk rock singer-songwriter, maleAmerican country/pop singer-songwriter, female
Sixteenth President of the United StatesProtagonist of 'Prison Break'
American psychic, known for 'Crossing Over'Former prime minister of the United Kingdom
British boxer, former world heavyweight championEnglish author who coined the word 'jabberwocky'
English-American actor born Colin Emm, known for 'Hogan's Heroes' and 'Match Game'Eponymous main character of an American teen drama
Leader of the Confederate army in the United States Civil WarBelieved to be the assassin of John F. Kennedy
Former prime minister of the United KingdomAmerican actor best known for a seven-year stint on 'LA Law'
Founder of Duracell battery companyWinner of the second season of 'American Idol'
Chilean-American actress and singer, known for her role on 'NCIS'Spanish painter, best known for founding Cubism

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