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Movie's PlotsDirector
An Alien befriends a small boy. Aliens abduct people. Aliens vaporize people. And aliens kill Russians?
Batman kills Ra's al Ghul. Batman doesn't kill The Joker. And Cobb enters people's dreams. Definently likes open endings.
Crowe helps Cole with his 'dead people' problem. Graham and Merill hide from aliens. And Aang, Katara, and Sokka try to defeat the fire nation. WHAT A TWIST!
Batman Kills the Joker. Catwoman kills Max Shreck. And Willy Wonka gives Charlie his Chocolate Factory. Visually amazing.
Harry Potter defeats professor Quirell. Harry Potter defeats the basilisk. Kevin McCalister defeats the buglers. Likes the first two films in a franchise.
Sam Witwicky kills Megatron. Optimus Prime Kills the Fallen. Lincoln and Jordan escape the cloning facility. Just Blow stuff up.
Marty Mcfly travels to 1955. Matry Mcfly travels to 2015. Marty Mcfly travels to 1885. Great Scott!
Angela Vidal is trapped in an apartment by Zombies. Five Strangers are trapped in an elevator. Fan of claustrophobia .
Frodo gets the One Ring and heads to Mordor. Still heading to Mordor. Gets to Mordor and destroys Ring. Likes Long Films.
Luke destroys Death Star. Anikan marries Padme. Anikan becomes Darth Vader. Has a fetish for cutting off arms.
Harry Potter gets a prophecy. (Spoiler) Snape Kills Dumbledore. They destroy a horcrux.
Aliens Destroy White House. LA is destroyed by Earthquake. The northern hemisphere freezes.

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