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Actor and Death SceneMovieYear
Geoffrey Rush is shot by Johnny Depp.2003
Kerr Smith is hit by a sign in Paris.2000
Texas Battle gets his head crused by a weight machine.2006
David Morse is stabbed by Shia LaBeouf.2007
Jason Miller jumps out a window after being possesed by a demon.1973
Jon Voight is blown up by exploding gum on a helecopter set there by Tom Cruise.1996
Martin Henderson is killed by a dead girl inside of a cursed video tape.2002
James Earl Jones is killed by his brother so that he can become king.1994
Hugo Weaving implodes because Keanu Reeves entered his body.1999
John Travolta is shot by Bruce Willis because he was in his bathroom.1994
Richard White is thrown off a roof by a monster he was trying to kill.1991
David Carridine's heart explodes after taking 5 steps.2004
Jack Nicholson falls to the ground from a Bell Tower.1989
Jason Lee is sucked into a jet engine thanks to his cape.2004
Aaron Eckhart is thrown from a building by Christian Bale.2008
David James is torn to pieces by shrimp-like aliens.2009
Alan Rickman falls from a building because Bruce Willis' wife's watch broke.1988
Dennis Hopper is decapitated by a tunnel light by Keanu Reeves.1994
Christopher Lee is sliced by lightsabers by Hayden Chritansan.2005
Jennifer Carpenter is dragged into the darkness by a zombie.2008
Actor and Death SceneMovieYear
Robert Pattinson is killed by Timothy Spall.2005
Megan Fox is stabbed by Amanda Seyfried.2009
Cary Elwes is thrown by a tornado.1996
Victor Wong is eaten by a giant worm in his store.1990
Thomas McCarthy is ground up by gears while on an ark to survive the end of the world.2009
Mark Strong is hit by a bazooka and launced into a building.2010
Toby Jones is knifed by Helena Bonham Carter.2010
Bruce Willis is shot by a former patient, but you don't know he's dead until the end.1999
Robert Patrick is blasted into lava.1991
John Leguizamo slits his wrists due to an epidemic.2008
Angelina Jolie shoots herself to save James McAvoy2008
Bob Peck is eaten by velociraptors.1993
Bokeem Woodbine has his head twisted around by Satan2010
Leonardo DiCaprio freezes to death.1997
Lizzy Caplan explodes after being bitten by a parasite.2008
Micah Sloat is murdered by his possesed girlfriend.2007
James Earl Jones/David Prowse dies because they can't breathe.1983
Stephen Lang is shot with an arrow by Zoe Saldana2009
Ian Hart is burned by Daniel Radcliffe.2001
Robert Shaw is eaten by a shark.1975

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