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Mary Elizabeth Winstead and her friends die in a roller coaster derailment but it all turns out to be a vision.2006
Nick Cage watches as a passenger plane crashes into a highway.2009
Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt try to outrun a tornado.1996
An alien spaceship destorys the white house while Bill Pullman is president1996
Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy crash a train to kill McAvoy's father.2008
A giant lizard rampages through New York.1998
New York is flooded, LA is hit with tornadoes, and then the northern hemisphere freezes.2004
John Cusack and his family outrun the destruction of LA.2009
The Statue of Liberty's head is thrown down the street by a monster.2008
Tom Cruise runs down the street as aliens vaporize people and destroy buildings.2005
Giant robots fight in a city destorying many buildings.2007
Pierce Brosman and Linda Hamilton must outrun lava as it flows down the mountain.1997
A meteor hits the ocean and a megatsunami floods half of the United states, Europe, and Africa1998
Kate Winslet loses her lover as the boat they were sailing on sinks into the abyss.1997

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