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On What Street in Washington D.C is the MacNeil House located?
The famed flight of stairs next to the MacNeil House descend to what street?
Where is Regan MacNeil's father throughout the movie?
What physical ailment does Father Lenkaster Merrin struggle with?
When Father Merrin returns home from Iraq, where is he on retreat?
What is Father Damian Karas's mother's first name?
Jason Miller's son is actor ______
When Father Karas leaves his mother's apartment, what kind of music does he set her radio to?
Jason Miller, who portrayed the character of Fr. Karas was married to the daughter of what legendary entertainer?
When Father Karas meets Fr. Birmingham at the bar, telling Fr. Birmingham that he is unfit to serve as a priest, what song was playing in the background?
Regan MacNeil informs someone at her mother's dinner party 'You're gonna die up there' Who did she tell this to? (occupation, not name)
At Chris MacNeil's dinner party, film director Burke Dennings states he has found what in his drink?
What does Burke Dennings call Karl Ingstrom that causes Karl to react violently?
Burk Dennings accuses Karl of doing what with Joseph Goebbels?
The flight of stairs next to the MacNeil home separates that house from what building?
Detective Kinderman is portrayed by what legendary actor?
When Detective Kinderman FIRST meets Father Karas, what actor does Karas remind him of?
What does Detective Kinderman find at the bottom of the stairs where Burke Dennings died?
Exorcist 3: the young boy Thomas Kintry was found decapitated, and crucified on what?
Exorcist 3: What gift does Lieutennant Kinderman bring Father Dyer in the hospital?
Exorcist 3: What was Father Dyer reading when Kinderman visits him?
Exorcist 3: What 'blessing' does Fr. Dyer give the nurse who enters his room by mistake?
Exorcist 3: When Fr. Dyer asks Kinderman where half of his hamburger came from, Kinderman replies '____, your native country'
Exorcist 3: In Kinderman's dream, what famous supermodel appears as an angel?
Exorcist 3: What professional basketball player appears in Kinderman's dream?
Exorcist 3: In Kinderman's dream, the blind man is played by what actor?
Exorcist 3: In Kinderman's dream, what famous band-leader is portrayed conducting his orchestra?
Exorcist 3: During Kinderman's questioning of Mrs. Clelia, she claims 'It's all a bunch of ____ and ____'
Exorcist 3: Dr. Temple informs Kinderman that Fr. Karas was found wandering the C&O canal at what location?
Exorcist 3: Kinderman accuses God of 'Waltzing through the universe like some sort of cosmic _______'

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