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Can you name the Officers of the Civil War?

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This colonel of the 7th Virginia Infantry was the great uncle of General George S. Patton
After his service in the Union Army, this Brigadier General served as Governor of Maine from 1867-1871
After serving as Brigadier General, embarked on a 'carpetbagging' political career, eventually serving as Republican Governor of Mississippi during reconstruction, eventually resig
Former senator from Mississippi, this Confederate Brigadier General was mortally wounded second day at Gettysburg
Served as colonel in Buford's cavalry, promoted to Brigadier General, Died of cholera in 1866, and buried in Nicaragua
Severely wounded at Gettysburg, he refused to leave the field during the fight. Survived his injury and presided over the execution of the Lincoln assasination conspirators
Confederate cavalryman who led his troops in battles at Antietem, Gettysburg, Manassas, and Fredericksburg. Mortally wounded at Yellow Tavern
At the Battle of Chancellorsville, this Brigadier General was mortally wounded by friendly fire while riding with a scouting party
His cavalry held off the Confederate assault at Gettysburg until the arrival of the Union infantry
Appointed in 1861 as commander of the Army of the Potomac defending Washington
After Lee's surrender, he surrendered in Natchez, Mississippi. Went into the insurance business after the war. Died destitute, leaving his ten children orphaned
He recalled he spent the first thirty-nine years of his life 'Doing nothing important'
Confederate Brigadier General who was very close friends with Union General Winfield Scott Hancock and his wife Almira
Union General served in the battle of the Wilderness and Petersburg. After the war became the first director of the NY Metropolitan Museum of Art
The first U.S Naval officer to be promoted to the rank of Admiral
Confederate General wounded by friendly fire at the Battle of the Wilderness. In 1880 was appointed Minister to Turkey
Colonel who led the famed 54th Massachussetts Volunteer infantry. Killed leading an attack at Fort Wagner
A bugler in the Mexican War, he helped raise the 5th Missouri Cavalry, served as Colonel under General Joseph Shelby.
Confederate Maj General and civil engineer was assigned command of Stonewall Jackson's old division in 1863
His favorite horse was named 'Traveller'

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