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Owned the Empire State Building, was convicted of tax evasion when her housekeeper ratted her out1980's
Ten years after killing over 3,000 people, he is now spending his retirement at the bottom of the ocean2000's
After ratting out the mafia, he is doomed to live his life 'like a schnook'1980's
Prominent Attorney who would go home, urinate on his girlfriend before beating her, and murdered their adopted daughter1980's
This jolly old clown would entertain at children's hospitals, then go home to a basement filled with dead teenage boys1970's
His little 'Scheme' cheated thousands out of their retirement investments. You can say, he MADE OFF with millions2000's
How many wives does it take to get to the center of a polygamist compound? Ask THIS abusive, incestuous pedophile...2000's
Instead of 'OH YEAH!' you'd probably shout 'OH S***!!' after drinking HIS Kool-aid.1970's
Coincidentally, the more anti-semitic he felt, the worse his acting became2000's
Tried to be a badboy on 'The Sopranos', got whacked. Tried to be a badboy in real life, is now in jail for robbery2000's
It's a ghost! It's a Wizard! Nope... Wake up white people!!! it's.... ______ of the KKK1990's - 2000's
After being found 'not guilty' his crusade to find the killer of his ex-wife apparently ended with his first post-trial round of golf1990's
Poetic justice would find him in a fight cage with other animal abusers while 200 pit bulls place their bets2000's
Murdered his family in their sleep witha deer rifle, turning a sleepy Massapequa, NY suburb into a household name1970's
When he ordered 'hard port' he meant another glass of wine. His helmsman mis-interpreted him, and ran the oil tanker into the rocks1980's
As of July, 2011, deemed by the media 'the most hated woman in America' but not without a million-dollar book deal2000's
Would sometimes hold court with a German Shepherd before going on a killing spree1970's
Governor who didn't do the state of Illinois any favors by upholding it's reputation for Governmnet corruption2000's
Long Island's little sweetheart who shot her boyfriend's wife in the face1990's
Killed four women near Yosemite, CA, arrested at a nudist resort, currently awaiting the 'grim needle' hint-NOT Yosemite Sam!1990's

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