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Can you name the 'Family Guy' trivia answers that border on ridiculous?

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In the premiere episode of Family Guy, Peter brings a taped-over adult film to a stag party. What do the partiers see instead, & resolve to 'drink until she's hot'?
Where does Lois take Meg for Spring Break AFTER they go to the spa?
What color is the collar Lois gives Brian when he competes in the dog show?
What does the cat in Mr. Roger's Neighborhood say when Stewie sets fire to the Neighborhood of Make Believe?
In 'E Peterbus Unum', Peter founds Petoria & annexes Joe Swanson's pool, calling it 'Joehio'. This causes the US Military to launch an initiative known as what?
When Peter becomes a pirate and storms Goldman's Pharmacy with his band of buccaneers, what does he demand first from Mort?
What is the name of the parrot Peter adopts?
What former Providence mayor is the junior high school named after?
At Lois' birthday party, before Brian presents her with 2 cruise tickets, what gift was given to Lois by Chris & Meg?
Upon seeing Peter dressed as a prostitute, Lois stops the car on his street corner and Peter offers her what?
Who does Peter kill when he sails his boat into a Bar-Mitzvah?
What is Stewie's 'drag name' when he goes on blind dates with men while dressed as a woman?
In a note written to Meg from Peter, he states that for the first 4 years of her existence, he thought she was a what?
When Peter pitches 'Handi-Quacks' to a Fox executive, what does the executive suggest changing Poopyface Tomatonose's nose into?
In the episode when Peter is injected with the gay gene, what does he toss through the window of Mort's pharmacy?
Stewie purchases his novelty joke supplies from Jack's Joke Shop - which is located where?
When Brian accompanies Meg to her junior prom and gets drunk, what song do they make out to?
During the Griffin family trip to the aquarium, where can Herbert be spotted?
When Stewie dresses in drag to join the cast of 'Jolly Farm Revue', he does so under what name?
When the winners of the Pawtucket Patriot Brewery tour are waiting at the gates, who 'shoots' Pawtucket Pat in a fake drive-by murder?

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