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On what island was the 1975 movie JAWS actually filmed?Martha's Vineyard
What kind of hands does Quint accuse Hooper of having?city hands
Minutes before Alex Kintner gets whacked, Sean Brody is seen playing in the sand singing what song?do you know the muffin man
In an effort to cover-up the apparent 'shark problem' on the island, the mayor convinces the medical examiner to ammend his report of Chrissy Watkins from 'shark attack' to '___'propeller
At the town meeting where they discuss dealing with the shark, what was Quint eating as he proposed his plan?potato chips
What 'unconventional material' does Quint use as a leader on his fishing line?piano wire
Chief Martin Brody rushes out of his office to buy supplies from a hardware store to do what?Make beach closed signs
un-credited for being in the scene, after the shark kills Alex Kintner, what production crew member can be seen helping to evacuate the people from the water?Steven Spielberg
In a last-ditch effort to kill the shark, what does QUINT plan to do?draw him into shallow water
What was the name of Quint's friend from Cleveland who was 'bitten in half below the waist?' Herbie Robinson
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What newspaper does the character of Harry Meadows work for?The Gazette
How long did Quint say it took the U.S.S Indianapolis to sink?twelve minutes
What kind of car does Mayor Larry Vaughan drive?cadillac
When Quint leaves the meeting, his assistant leaves with him. What was his assistant holding?a dog leash
When Quint tells of his experience aboard the U.S.S Indianapolis, what kind of military plane first spotted the survivors in the water?a lockheed ventura
During the first 'implied' bout with the shark, Quint is in the fighting chair yelling at Hooper. He tells Hooper 'You may be a big yahoo in the lab, but out here you're just '____supercargo
When Mrs. Kintner advertises her bounty on the shark, Harry Meadows assures Chief Brody that he's going run the ad in what part of the newspaper?Grocery Ads
While executing QUINT'S hail-mary plan to kill the shark, what does he do to the boat that eventually seals their fateburns out the bearings
In the filming of Jaws, there were two 'Orcas' One was an actual operating boat, the other was just a prop. What was the name of the actual boat procured by the studio Warlock
In HOOPER'S last-ditch plan to kill the shark, he proposes injecting the shark with what?strychnine nitrate

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