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Can you name the rungs to this Pretty Little Liars word ladder?

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Pretty Little ____s1
Shakespearean king2
Burn or char3
Minister's son and Hanna's ex: ____ Ackard4
Lima or jelly5
Curved or twisted7
Metal containers10
Viral respiratory disease12
Author of the Pretty Little Liars books: ____ Shepard13
Spanish phrase and song title: 'Que ____ ____'14
Superbad and Juno actor: Michael ____15
Plural of pouch attached to intestines16
____ Drake17
Archaic advice19
Cincinnati baseball team20
Units of absorbed radiation21
Outer edges of tires22
Points or directs at a target23
Money or food given to the poor24
Atacama observatory25
Sin City and Fantastic Four actress Jessica26
Island where Napoleon was exiled27
Mother of [Rung 46], ____ Montgomery28
Fashion magazine29
Threat: '...or ____'30
'Absence of effort or difficulty31
Lowest part of something32
One of 206 in the human body34
Broadway award36
Spencer's main love interest: ____ Cavanaugh37
Small aquarium fish38
Lumps of slime39
Ripe fish egg masses41
Cereal grasses42
Affirmative votes43
Greek god of war44
Greek first name, modern variant of above45
One of the liars: ____ Montgomery46
Largest continent47
Seaward; at sea48
Extent of a 2D shape49
To air, in Spanish50
Cookie for dunking51
Rocks that contain minerals52
Scraps or remains53
Breakfast cereal54
Yoga rugs55
Baseball center fielder Willie ____56
Emily's ex: ____ St Germain57
Town on Gran Canaria58
____ Vanderwaal59
Italian singer ____ Mazzini60
Not yours or theirs61
[Rung 46]'s brother' ____ Montgomery62
Cheeky child63
More common spelling of above64
British Columbian news magazine65
Archaic, singular 'you'66
Exclamation of delight67
At what time68
____ Kingston69
Light machine gun from WW2 and Korean war70
Grain husks71
Chest undergarments for women72
Small pieces of something74
Cat: 'If it ____, I sits.'75
[Rung 46]'s teacher at times and main boyfriend: [Rung 84] ____76
Dumb or scatterbrained person77
Burlesque dancer ____ von Teese78
Pocket bread79
County of Tucson, AZ80
Peruvian capital81
Former Italian currency82
District in Helsinki, Finland83
[Rung 46]'s teacher at times and main boyfriend: ____ [Rung 76]84

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