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QUIZ: Can you name the answers to this The Room-themed word ladder?

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2003 Movie: The ____1
What happens to one's soul after watching2
College lodgings3
Golden, in French4
Symbol of peace5
'Chocolate is the symbol of ____.'6
Traditional body of knowledge7
To read, in French8
Facebook action9
Boyfriend of [Rung 12][Rung 68].10
Friend of [Rung 21], along with [Rung 68].12
'I got this sick feeling in my sto____, man.' Also, measurement of speed relative to that of sound.13
Best friend of Johnny and [Rung 21]'s lover15
Fourth planet from Sun16
[Rung 21] to Johnny: 'I ____ you.'18
Water droplets suspended in air19
Ordered set of items20
'You are [Rung 31]ing me apart, ____!'21
Leaning Tower of ____22
Wall of rammed earth23
Way of sitting or standing24
'I've ____ him, but I still have you. Right?'26
For fear that27
Bird's home28
Tidy, orderly29
'You are ____ing me apart, [Rung 21]!'31
A province in Thailand33
Sound of horn35
What the guys play in tuxes, with [Rung 51]36
Shape of Italy37
Misbehaved child39
To pull along41
Sediment of a liquid42
__ Sestero, who plays [Rung 15]43
Shades of ____44
Restive, energetic45
Aquarium fish46
Short for Gabriella47
'You look like a ____-[Rung 55] now.'48
Movie pig49
Bundle of hay50
What the guys play in tuxes, with [Rung 36]51
Shopping center52
Adam's gender53
Bludgeoning weapon or spice54
'You look like a [Rung 48]-____ now.'55
'Um, I don't think she's faithful to me. In ____, I know she isn't.' Also, a truth.56
Fault, in Scots57
Fondle, in Scots58
Apply with careless quick motions59
Beat repeatedly60
What Chris-R deals (singular)61
Percussion instrument62
Plant with flowers resembling lilies63
Astringent salt with many uses64
Arithmetic logic units65
Not what applies to this movie: '____ well that ends well.'66
German for 'all'67
Friend of [Rung 21], along with [Rung 12].68

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