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Can you name the novels whose first lines have been translated into Chinese and back again?

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Scrambled first lineNovel
This is a universally acknowledged fact that good fortune in having a single man, must be a wife.
In an unusually warm evening, early in July a young man came out, his loft in the South Plaza and walked slowly, as if in hesitation, towards the bridge of light
Happy families are all alike, unhappy family is unhappy in its own.
This is a story of two lonely meeting, thin, this is quite a dying Earth, an old white man.
This is love at first sight.
There is no possibility of a walk that day.
WIS sweat the whips oafay in a boy, he was trembling.
What I want is the truth.
I killed the shadow of peace birds / from the false azure in the windowpane;
Mother's death the day to day
Scrambled first lineNovel
This year was in 1866 by a remarkable incident signal, a mysterious and puzzling phenomenon, which undoubtedly no one has not forgotten.
Only the story of a squat gray building 34.
'Bottom' successful 'trip to hell.'
This is inevitable: the smell of bitter almonds always reminded him of the fate of the complex love.
I just visited my landlord - the solitary neighbor, I will be troubled.
You better not never tell nobody but God.
Milky Way's spiral out of date as far away as the end of Western Areas is an unknown small unregarded yellow sun.
This is a strange sweltering summer, the summer they electrocuted the Rosenbergs, and I do not know what I do in New York.
Began as a simple sign.
When I was young, more likely in my father give me some advice, I have been in my mind has been turned.

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