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Forced Order
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Madame, I need you to remain calm and trust me, I'm a professional. Beneath this pillow lies the key to my release.
I come with you, I'm coming for blood. No law. No code of conduct. You point me in the right direction, you get the hell out of my way.
I'm pretty sure this is animal cruelty. But I love it!
Did I know that I just met the most dangerous dark wizard of all time? No.
Once you see death up close, then you know what the value of life is.
Hi, I'm Theodore. Hi, I'm Theodore. Hi, I'm Theodore.
Do you want to play a game? It's called See Who Can Go the Longest Without Saying Anything.
Father, if God has issues, they won't be with what I've done. They will be with what I'm about to do.
You may have seen a meteor shower, but I bet you've never seen a shower 'meatier' than this.
When they tell you not to panic... that's when you run!
Life is simple now. They just have to do what I say.
Did you know a young boy drowned here? He was my son. And today, is his birthday.
Your father was captain of a starship for twelve minutes. He saved 800 lives, including your mothers and yours. I dare you to do better.
Haunt me no longer!
Well when you gettin' 'got' and somebody done 'got' you and you go 'get' them, when you get 'em everybody's gon' get got.
You're not funny. You look funny, but you're not funny.
Don't go into the pimped out refrigerator Jack.
Everything is backwards now, like out there is the true world and in here is the dream.
Slapping the bass! Slappa da bass! Slappa da bass mon! Slappa de bass mon!
This is all yours. You're the owner of this world.
I love you. You're my only reason to stay alive... if that's what I am.
When dealing with aliens, try to be polite, but firm. And always remember that a smile is cheaper than a bullet.
Paging Doctor Faggot! Doctor Faggot!
I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.
I don't even know, all I know is that I'm hungry... all the time.
Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing.
After we rescue Sid, I'm going to kill him.
This place looks like a screensaver.
We are all programmed to believe that if a guy acts like a total jerk that means he likes you.
Who would've thought we'd have a black son before we met a Democrat?
I don't seem to recall anything in the fairytale about... kissing on the lips.
The numbers are the key to everything.
If I'm going to die, then I'm going to make the most out of every moment I have left, so I'm going to do what I do best, I'm gonna get laid. If I'm dying, I'm trying.
Don't you know better than to yell at someone who's asleep on top of a chicken coop?!
I know someone ain't tryin' to break into my house.
If you touch my ass one more time I will cut your balls off in your sleep, okay?
Never compromise. Not even in the face of Armageddon. That's always been the difference between us, Dan.
Win or lose, this war ends tonight!
I like baseball, movies, good clothes, whiskey, fast cars... and you. What else you need to know?
I'll wipe the floor with your little skinny ass.
I'm pretty sure what we did was illegal in 20 states. She's a Freak!
SUUUUSSAAANN! Ooh, I just scared myself! That is scary!
Ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while you shouldn't have **** with? That's me.
Sno-Balls? Sno-Balls? Sno-balls? Where's the ****' Twinkies?!
I gave him like a traditional African name: O.J.
It'll make you run faster, jump higher, and hit harder than any of you enemies. Let's suit up.
A real driver knows whats exactly in his car.
We got a German here who wants to die for his country! Oblige him!
What are you trained to do? Nothing...
It's the United States of 'Don't Touch That Thing Right in Front of You.'

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