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Season 1
The Gang accidentally turns their bar into a Gay Bar 
An aquaintance of Charlie's shows up claiming he's the father of her child 
The Gang allows underage drinkers, and eventually get asked to the prom by some of them 
Charlie claims he's dying of Cancer 
The Gang decides to get a gun 
Mac and Dennis fight over a girl after they find her dead grandfather 
The Gang thinks Charlie was molested, after finding out former classmates were molested in high school 
Season 2
Dennis and Dee's dad Frank first appears in this episode 
The Gang tries to get a buisinessman to leave after he claims ownership to the street the bar is on 
Following the events of the previous episode, the gang does some community service 
Dennis and Dee leave Paddy's because they don't want to work with Frank 
Dennis and Dee try to get off Charlie Work, while Charlie constructs a plan to sleep with the waitress 
The Gang helps Dennis run for the position of local comptroller 
Charlie becomes an Underground Street Fighter, Dee takes Steroids 
Charlie and Dee start an anti-smoking rally 
The Gang finds a water stain that resembles the Virgin Mary, and milk it for all it's worth 
Dennis and Dee get contacted by someone who claims to be their real father 
Season 3
Dennis tries to go green, Mac and Dee 'adopt' a baby they call D.B. 
The Gang tries out for the Philadelphia Eagles 
Dennis gets his mom's mansion, Frank and Dee try to get her fortune 
The McPoyles return for some revenge 
Mac and Frank open a sweatshop, Dennis tries selling dresses to a former high scool classmate 
The Gang tries to find out the secret behind a rival bar's microbrew 
The Gang contemplates selling their bar 
The Gang tries to record news, and then some heroics 
Dee gets a new boyfriend who's an up and coming rapper. But is there more to him than what she sees? 
Mac dates Carmen again, The rest of the Gang thinks he's doing something worse 
Mac's dad gets released from jail, Dennis and Dee try to clear Dennis's name after a sex offender is released from jail as well 
The gang gets involved with the mafia 
The gang tries to clean the bums off the streets of Philly 
Charlie accidentally puts Paddy's up as a prize in a contest 
Season 4
Mac and Dennis try to hunt Rickety Cricket. Dee and Charlie become cannibals 
Mac, Dennis and Charlie work on their group dynamic. Wildcard Bitches 
The Gang tries to get models for a billboard advertising Paddy's 
Dennis tries to convince Charlie they're best friends, Mac tries to bang the waitress 
Mac and Charlie try to fake their deaths to hide from Mac's dad 
The Gang tries to figure out who pooped in Charlie and Frank's bed 
The gang tries to get a critic to reconsider his opinion on their bar 
Dennis goes to rehab and meets Sinbad the Comedian, Dee lives a day in Charlie's shoes 
The gang tries to stay healthy, Frank ends up in a mental hospital 
Charlie, Mac and Dennis try to tell a story on how their bar is part of history 
The Gang tries to be more like Ty Pennington and redecorate a family's home 
Charlie writes a play, and the gang performs it 
Season 5
Dee tries to be a Surogate mother, the rest of the gang tries to sell a house 
The Gang goes to see the Grand Canyon 
The Gang tries to deal with the economy, Frank with Dee starts a buisiness selling knives and vacuums 
Dennis, Charlie and Dee want to help Frank, Frank and Mac want to bang Dennis and Dee's Aunt  
Dee tries to stop The Waitress's wedding, Mac and Dennis try to get Charlie on the dating scene 

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