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Can you name the SSB Secret Characters by Unlock Method?

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Forced Order
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Super Smash Bros
Beat 1 Player on any difficulty 
Beat Break the Targets with the original 8 characters 
Beat 1 Player in under 20 minutes on any difficulty 
Beat 1 Player on Normal with 3 lives without continuing 
Super Smash Bros Melee
Beat Classic/Adventure on any difficulty 
Beat Classic/Adventure with Mario 
In Adventure, finish the first Stage with a 2 in the seconds portion of the timer 
Beat 100 Man Melee 
Beat Classic with 10 different characters 
Complete Classic with the original 14 characters 
Beat Classic Classic with the character from above 
Beat Event #29 
Beat Event #37 
Play VS Mode for a total of 20 Hours 
Beat Classic, Adventure or Break the Targets with everyone else 
Super Smash Bros Brawl
Reflect 10 Projectiles 
Finish Classic on any difficulty 
Play 15 Matches on Shadow Moses Island 
Complete Classic without continuing 
Complete 100 Man Brawl 
Beat Classic in 12 minutes or less 
Beat all 5 Target Tests with any character 
Get 250 different trophies 
Clear Classic on Hard with Link or Zelda 
Clear Target Tests on any level with 30+ characters 
Complete Classic with 10 different characters 
Complete SSE, then Events 1-20 
Beat Classic after finishing SSE 
Complete Boss Rush with Fox or Falco 

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