Lovely Ladies of Video Games

Can you name the Lovely Ladies of Video Games?

Column I
Princess of a very well known series 
Large Breasted Party Member 
Princess who was trained by a ninja 
Policewoman who has chunky thighs 
Ninja from the King of Fighters series 
'Drives' with guns 
Large breasted Princess who uses guns 
Trained monsters in the late 90s 
Princess of Wisdom 
Scout aligned with the nation of Gallia 
Assistant to a man she calls Nick 
Mage who fought against Clown 
Fangirl of a famous fighter 
Nurse to many. Teacher to some.  
Dual gun weilding girl. Can she really be the hero? 
Pink haired Ninja 
Trained monsters in the early 00s 
Singer who carries around a leek. Got her own game in July 09 
Bounty Hunter 
Has fought against a Badguy, a Robot version of someone she knows, and a guitar playing witch 
A trumpet playing Puppeteer 
Princess who travelled with a warrior, a king, his grandaughter, and a pirate 
Trained monsters around the mid 00s 
Foxgirl who's over 700 years old.  
Column II
She almost became a sandwich 
Classmate to a main character. Uses Bow and Arrow 
Ninja who plays Beach Volleyball 
Leads an otaku to 'The Garden of Madness' 
Helper to a Rock Man 
Silent Gunner. Somewhat of a mascot. In one game was on the news, but never spoke 
Blue haired catgirl 
Military Woman that uses a long lance 
Princess who fell in love with a Thief. Apparently has a soft butt 
Trained monsters in the late 00s 
Farm Girl 
Worst case scenario, she became an overlord 
Summoner at one time. Gun user 2 years later 
Summoner Ninja 
Prefers Sea Monsters 
One of 4 Suriviors. Tries to survive against things like zombies and witches 
Fights with a stuffed cat. Her partner thinks it's a pig though. 
A Mage Dancer that helped save the world 
Crazy woman who tries controlling others with outrageous commands 
Fighter who dresses like a maid 
Shake Shake! 
Allied her self with 2 Orphans, a Sky Pirate, a Bunnygirl and a former Knight 
Silly Catgirl who never remembers anyone's name 
Hi! She's _______ 
Column III
Flirty Dragon Rider 
Weilds a sword that transforms into a whip 
Trains basic monsters. Beat her and she cries 
Red headed Sorceress 
Evil witch. Somewhat of a rival to a girl mentioned earlier in this list 
Went on a time travelling adventure with a silent hero 
Friend to a boy who met characters like Mickey Mouse, and Auron 
Fought against characters like Link, Spawn and Heihachi 
Helped Mario in his recent space adventure 
Helped save the world, became a sorceress in the process 
Large breasted Sergeant from the Tales series 
Princess who wanted to defeat an overlord. She didn't mean to shoot you, honest! 
Guitar Playing Witch. 
One of 3 Main characters in her game. Green haired sword user 
Helps Wario with making games. Has worked in a cafe, a pizza store, been a cheerleader, etc. 
From the Advance Wars Series. I honestly can't think of a beter hint 
Young Ninja who would steal your equipment. In fact she did once 
Her game wasn't released in America officially. Uses Psi 
Her Story takes place in quite a dark and dank place 
Feed her cake to stop the enemy from capturing her 
Oracle who assists a Book Overlord 
Former Pop Idol in Persona 4 
Prefers Fire Monsters 
From the Guitar Hero series 
Ally to Solid Snake 
Column IV
Scientist who sometimes helps lawyers. Don't disturb her snack time 
From the Street Fighter series. Name rhymes with Lammy 
Thief that's scared of Thunder. Speaks a 2nd language 
Enemy of Mega Man 
Was a main character in the first hack.// series 
Chef from the Guilty Gear series 
Silent Heroine. Shares a body with a god of destruction just waiting to take over her body 
Not a character in the game actually. Called this because of the armor she wears (From Monster Hunter) 
Falls in love with a man named Locke 
Enemy Knight at first, later becomes ally. Wears an eyepatch 
Mascot for the online game Mabinogi 
Main character from the game Space Channel 5 
Character from the Metal Slug series 
Daughter of an Engineer in Breath of Fire III 
Quite popular recruit in Valkyria Chronicles. Shocktrooper class 
Vampire with talking stuffed animals 
First Female Robot Master 
Abuses her minions dood. 
Bunnygirl who travels with a Sky Pirate 
Main character in a recent Wii game that features Ninjas 
Adventurer in Grandia 
Partner to a boy named Ico 
Princess who recieved help from Ike & Co in Fire Emblems 9 and 10 
German Prosecutor 
Helps #35 in her Journey 
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