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Forced Order
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Who murdered Sam Winchester in 'All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1'?
Who murders Dean Winchester countless times in 'Mystery Spot'?
Who murders Alastair in 'On The Head Of A Pin'?
Who orders a spirit to kill Andrew Gallagher (Andy) in 'All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1'?
Who snaps John Winchester's neck in 'In The Beginning'?
Who destroys the pagan gods in 'Hammer Of The Gods'?
Who kills Sam Winchester in 'The Song Remains The Same'?
Who kills Azazel in 'All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2'?
Who kills a reaper in 'Death Takes A Holiday'?
What kills Jo Harvelle in 'Abandon All Hope'?
Who stabs Ruby with her knife in 'Lucifer Rising'?
Who murders Gabriel in 'Hammer Of The Gods'?
Who murdered Mary Winchester?
Who shot Bobby Singer in 'How To Win Friends And Influence Monsters'?
Who murders Zachariah in 'Point Of No Return'?
Who murders Lilith in 'Lucifer Rising'?
Who shoots Max Miller in 'Nightmare'?
Who kills Ansem Weems (Webber) in 'Simon Said'?
Which demon helps kill The Seven Deadly Sins in 'The Magnificent Seven'?
Who shoots Eric Kripke in 'The French Mistake'?
Who murders Balthazar in 'The Man Who Knew Too Much'?
Who murders Ava Wilson in 'All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1'?
Who destroys Anna Milton in 'The Song Remains The Same'?
Who murders Dick Roman in 'Survival Of The Fittest'?
Who makes Castiel explode in 'Swan Song'?
Who murders Jake Talley in 'All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2'?
Who murders Uriel in 'On The Head Of A Pin'?
Who makes Raphael explode in 'The Man Who Knew Too Much'?
Who shoots the Phoenix in 'Frontierland'?
Who snaps Bobby Singer's neck in 'Swan Song'?
Who snaps Christian Campbell's neck in 'Family Matters'?
Who shot Samuel Campbell in '...And Then There Were None'?
Who murdered Misha Collins in 'The French Mistake'?
Who killed Dean Winchester in 'The End'?
What killed Dean Winchester in 'No Rest For The Wicked'?
Who killed Hester in 'Reading Is Fundamental'?
Who killed Zao Shen in 'Hammer Of The Gods'?
Who kills Rachel in 'Frontierland'?
Who beheads Gordon Walker in 'Fresh Blood'?
Who destroys Chronos in 'Time After Time'?
Who murders Kubrick in 'Fresh Blood'?
Who kills the Wh*re (Leah) in '99 Problems'?
Who murders Jessica Moore in 'Pilot'
What creatures murder Adam Milligan?

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