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Farmer's son who has gone away to University and still yearns deep down for the simplicity of rural life like a good beer but knows he can never go backNW Europe
Floozy who works for a fashion mag at day and enjoys the beach in the evening. Can't imagine that life offers anything more important (except maybe transfering to the LA office)Oceania
20-something Creative Media Consultant. He always appears busy, and his confident demeanour and unfaltering speech lead you to believe that he can´t be that completely talentlessNW Europe
Rapier-thin society couple in their late twenties, him a svelte, sexy, feral-looking number with a wispy goatee, she a wasp-waisted bottle-blond in next week's must-have frockN America
Contract killer without an ounce of mercy in his heart. Once a knife-wielding teenage street thug, he blew away the bosses hiring him to do their dirty work and now runs the showE Europe
Wise old man, completely desparate with what his people have done with him. Still able to enjoy the lifeS Europe
16-year old girl that HAS to have everything, from electronics to the latest fashion. Her parents used to give her the best food but she now fancies only burgersE Asia
The disgrace of the neighbourhood. Abuses his family and doesn´t care at all what people are sayingE Asia
Fifty year old man dressed in suit (not a designer's one but he wishes it was) with a suitcase and sun glasses, cellphone in hand, sun-bed suntanned, as fake as its appearanceS America
An old drag queen that's all dressed up with nowhere to goN America
A fifty year old woman who is distant and looks beautiful but cold (not so beautiful when she takes off all her make-up and her false breasts). Astonishingly popularW Europe
Like Liz Taylor, gone through it allC Europe
Old pimp on his death bed. Still holding lavish parties once in a great while, but unable to hold on to all his hos. Mostly used and abused, drugged up, and violent if messed withN America
Hardened gangster with eyepatch and evil grin who's had a tough upbringing, he'll cut your throat for a buck. Equally comfortable in either a leather jacket or a $500 suitAfrica
40-something athlete that is used to all the attention but doesn't realize that all the fans don't think he is as great as he himself doesN America
Wealthy middle aged always traveling aunt. You don't remember ever meeting her, but you've seen countless pictures where she's always smiling with a glass of champagne in her handW Europe
Much older sister that you really never knew while you were growing up. Distant and seemingly secretive, appears to have knowledge of her older years, but won't share it with youC Europe
70 years old man who was a sex symbol - jet set-latin lover years ago. Now he has lost his youth, a pot belly, wrinkled face, golden tooth, grey hair and a broken bank accountN America a stripper with a heart of goldN America
Tie-wearing manager - even on Sunday, working in the banking business. His children, however, need to compensate by drifting into the alternative sceneC Europe
Environmentalist, who cannot accept unacceptable salmon runs that keep dwindling. Long hair and a laid back attitude while watching the mariners with a local microbrewed beerN America
50 year old man who was a travelling hippie in younger days and still feels like he is 20 years old. Spends his time in cafes, smoking self-rolled cigarettes and other stuffW Europe
The new kid on the block who wants to impress everyone so is going to do it as stylish and as big / outrageous as possible. Has just discovered that life isn´t just a big partyW Asia
Middle-aged woman, not sure of her identity. Knows several languages, so all neighbours exploit her for their own advantage. Has always trouble with authoritiesW Europe
The oldest chap in town and still worth talking to him for his stories alone, although it can get quite stressful if you engage with himAfrica
Quiet pious on the outside, but wait until the evening comes...S Europe
Middled aged lady, very well to do thanks to her husband´s job at the bank and with plenty of time to drink tea and nibble on scones while gossiping with her friendsNW Europe

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