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Can you name the Most Know West Side Kids?

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He has a viral video and one of the funniest/weirdest kids around
Had sexual intercourse with a teacher
He's the local barber and always looks smooth af
Tends to end every sentence with guy and he thinks he's the next Kevin Durant
Runs track and quiet the basketball team and dresses like a Frat boy
He's known as a God
Hes's wild and he used to have dreads
He's short, spanish and chubby and is in the trap a lot
He got kicked out of Westfield State for stealing from stealing from the gift shop
She has a fat ass and goes tanning way to much
She's going to prom with Zach Butler and has a resting bitch face
He has black people hair and plays football
He's tall, plays beseball and is very obnoxious
He's loud and a baseball super 7
His family owns Sorrento's
He has long blond hair and plays Hockey
He's the quarterback and he has an older brother
Dating Izzy and threw a hour long party
Is always with Warlock and is the best shooter in Western Mass
He's always trying to smoke and doesn't know how to pass the basketball
He's always with Christian Siller and is referred to as a sand ****
She quiffed a lot in middle school and she's posted a video of her dancing naked
He's known sending dick pics and is with Frosch a lot
Is going to prom with Rudi and smokes a lot
She has a big butt and is best friends with Natalie Russo
She's fat and is obsessed with Billy's brother
Furi has dated her and she has a phat ass
He's chill, owns the house that the Trap is located at and is with Murph a lot
Brady's sister and her skin is orange
Very rich and very middle eastern
Big black twins

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