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Can you name the U.S. Presidents who lost elections?

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Election(s) lostPresident
1941 Special U.S. Senatorial Election in Texas, 1960 Democratic Presidential Nomination
1789 U.S. House Election in Virginia
1865 Erie County, New York District Attorney Election, 1888 Presidential Election
1800 Presidential Election
1964 and 1970 U.S. Senatorial Elections in Texas, 1980 Republican Presidential Nomination, 1992 Presidential Election
1802 U.S. House Election in Massachusetts, 1828 Presidential Election, 1834 Massachusetts Gubernatorial Election
1836 Presidential Election (as a Vice Presidential Candidate)
1856 Democratic Presidential Nomination
1974 U.S. House Election in Arkansas, 1980 Arkansas Gubernatorial Election
1968 and 1976 Republican Presidential Nominations
1956 Democratic Vice Presidential Nomination
1844, 1848, 1852 Democratic Presidential Nominations
1920 Presidential Election (as a Vice Presidential candidate)
1966 Georgia Gubernatorial Election, 1980 Presidential Election
1880 Republican Presidential Nomination
1976 Presidential Election
Election(s) lostPresident
1824 Presidential Election
2000 Democratic Nomation for U.S. House Election in Illinois
1872 Republican Indiana Gubernatorial Nomination, 1876 Indiana Gubernatorial Election, 1878 and 1886 U.S. Senatorial Elections in Indiana, 1892 Presidential Election
1840 and 1848 Presidential Elections, 1844 Democratic Presidential Nomination
1978 U.S. House Election in Texas
1872 U.S. Congressional Election in Ohio
1832 Illinois House Election, 1858 U.S. Senatorial Election in Illinois
1820 Ohio Gubernatorial Election, 1822 U.S. House Election in Ohio, 1836 Presidential Election
1886 New York Mayoral Election, 1912 Presidential Election
1890 U.S. House Election in Ohio
1844 Whig Gubernatorial Nomination in New York, 1852 Whig Presidential Nomination, 1856 Presidential Election
1932 U.S. Presidential Election
1960 Presidential Election, 1962 California Gubernatorial Election
1837 Tennessee State House Election, 1868 U.S. Senatorial Election in Tennessee, 1872 U.S. House Election in Tennessee
1796 Presidential Election
1912 Presidential Election

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