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2008Heath Ledger
2003Elijah Wood
2001Orlando Bloom
2002Ian McKellen
2002Alexandre Rodrigues
2001Daveigh Chase
2000Guy Pearce
2002Adrien Brody
2006Jack Nicholson
2000Joaquin Phoenix
2006Hugh Jackman
2006Martina Gedeck
2008Ben Burtt
2001Audrey Tautou
2003Min-sik Choi
2000Jared Leto
2004Kate Winslet
2000Jason Statham
2009Brad Pitt
2005Christian Bale
2009Christopher Plummer
2004Bruno Ganz
2007Aamir Khan
2006Ivana Baquero
2009Mona Singh
2008Clint Eastwood
2009Soledad Villamil
2005Hugo Weaving
2004Tayuka Kimara
2007Emile Hirsch
2004Don Cheadle
2006Soha Ali Khan
2001Russell Crowe
2007Javier Bardem
2003Uma Thurman
2003Ellen DeGeneres
2009Phillip Seymour Hoffman
2005Bruce Willis
2000Emilio Echevarria
2007Daniel Day-Lewis
2004Hilary Swank
2009Richard Gere
2001Jake Gyllenhaal
2007Matt Damon
2002Andy Lau
2008Donnie Yen
2003Johnny Depp
2001Gracy Singh
2001John Goodman
2003Kang-Ho Song

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