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What club does Rachel join to impress Finn?
What time does Vocal Adrenaline rehearse until?
What occupation is Mercedes father?
Who does Brittany think is reading her diary?
Who is Puck sexting while he is babysitting with Quinn?
Who replaces Finn in season one sectionals?
Who is at the top of the 'Glist'?
Who sings 'That boy is mine'?
Name one thing that Rachel finds that leads her to believe Vocal Adrenaline are performing Lady Gaga?
What is on Brittany's head as part of her Lady Gaga outfit?
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What Song is Lauren Zizes well known for singing?
Name one song The Warblers sing at season 2 regionals.
Who is a dirty liar for pretending they have a stutter?
What episode do Blaine and Kurt first kiss?Season 2
What song does Kurt sing when Pavarotti dies?
What is Quinn's baby's name?
Name one Warbler that has coffee with Kurt and Blaine after they sing Teenage Dream.
What song does Ms Holliday sing with Santana and Brittany?
In which episode does Will leave Terri?
What is the name of the actor that plays Principal Figgins?

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