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Can you name the M*A*S*H Episodes that have a character's name in it?

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Episode TitleAnswerBrief Synopsis
_____, Please Come HomeThe camp becomes more military and the still is confiscated.
_____'s ReportAn enemy prisoner grabs a scalpel and attacks a nurse and Trapper's patient.
Dr. _____ and Mr. HydeAfter three straight days of surgery, one of the doctors begins to act erratically.
The Trial of _____ _____A 4077 officer is court-martialed for allegedly sending medical supplies to the North Koreans.
Carry On, _____A flu epidemic hits the 4077 and one doctor has to shoulder the load.
_____ and Empty ArmsAt an officer's going away party, the officer gets drunk and reveals true feelings.
_____ in LoveAn officer returns from leave head over heels in love with a younger woman.
Abyssinia, _____An officer is discharged and the camp bids him farewell.
The Late Captain ____Due to a clerical error, one of the officers discovers he's dead.
_____After an accident, an officer talks endlessly to the Korean family that came to his aid.
_____'s EngagementThis officer's engagement comes as a surprise to everyone.
Lt. _____ _____An officer forges promotion papers for an enlisted person to settle a poker debt.
The Abduction of _____ _____Colonel Flagg investigates the mysterious disappearance of a 4077 officer.
_____'s WarTroubled by his lack of experience on the front, a 4077 resident runs an errand there.
Episode TitleAnswerBrief Synopsis
_____ Get Your GunAfter providing assistance at a Korean clinic, two officers run into an enemy attack on the way home.
_____'s MarriageAn officer gets married at the 4077.
The _____ TapesAn officer tells the story of the 4077th in a tape to his family.
_____'s RetirementOutraged at hearing complaints, an officer decides to put in for retirement.
Dr. _____ and Mr. HydeAn officer becomes addicted to pep pills.
Commander _____One of the officers is placed temporarily in charge of the 4077.
_____ Papa SanOne of the officers helps out a local Korean family above and beyond his medical obligations.
_____ is Back in TownAfter an officer's divorce, a general is invited to observe a new way to handle triage.
A Night at _____'sIn an act of protest, an officer leaves camp and decrees he's not returning. Others follow suit.
Are You Now, _____?An officer is accused of being a communist sympathizer.
Good-Bye _____A 4077 inhabitant is granted a hardship discharge.
Bless You _____One of the officers begins sneezing uncontrollably.
Give 'Em Hell, _____A 4077 inhabitant writes a protest letter to President Truman.

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