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Can you name the Pokémon that wouldn't have necessarily evolved merely by attaining a certain level?

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Evolution MethodPokémonPokédex Numbers
Level Up at Maximum Happiness172->025
Thunder Stone025->026
Moon Stone030->031
Moon Stone033->034
Level Up at Maximum Happiness173->035
Moon Stone035->036
Fire Stone037->038
Level Up at Maximum Happiness174->039
Moon Stone039->040
Leaf Stone044->045
Fire Stone058->059
Water Stone061->062
Leaf Stone070->071
Water Stone090->091
Leaf Stone102->103
Reach Lv.20 with Attack > Defense236->106
Reach Lv.20 with Defense > Attack236->107
Level Up with Oval Stone in the Day440->113
Water Stone120->121
Level Up knowing Mimic439->122
Water Stone133->134
Thunder Stone133->135
Fire Stone133->136
Level Up at Maximum Happiness446->143
Evolution MethodPokémonPokédex Numbers
Level Up at Maximum Happiness042->169
Level Up at Maximum Happiness175->176
Sun Stone044->182
Level Up at Maximum Happiness298->183
Level Up knowing Mimic438->185
Trade while holding King's Rock061->186
Sun Stone191->192
Level Up at Max. Happiness in the Day133->196
Level Up at Max. Happiness at Night133->197
Trade while holding King's Rock079->199
Trade while holding Metal Coat095->208
Trade while holding Metal Coat123->212
Level Up with Remoraid in Team458->226
Trade while holding Dragon Scale117->230
Trade while holding Up-Grade137->233
Reach Lv.20 with Attack = Defense236->237
Level Up at Maximum Happiness113->242
Reach Lv. 7 with Personality Value < 5265->266
Reach Lv. 7 with Personality Value >=5265->268
Water Stone271->272
Leaf Stone274->275
Reach Lv.20 with Spare Slot in Party & Poké Ball290->292
Moon Stone300->301
Level Up at Max. Happiness in the Day406->315
Level Up at Maximum Beauty349->350
Level Up at Max. Happiness at Night433->358
Trade while holding Deep Sea Tooth366->367
Trade while holding Deep Sea Scale366->368
Evolution MethodPokémonPokédex Numbers
Shiny Stone315->407
Reach Lv. 20 - Female412->413
Reach Lv. 20 - Male412->414
Reach Lv. 21 - Female415->416
Level Up knowing Double Hit190->424
Level Up at Maximum Happiness427->428
Dusk Stone200->429
Dusk Stone198->430
Level Up at Max. Happiness in the Day447->448
Level Up with Razor Claw at Night215->461
Level Up inside Mt. Coronet082->462
Level Up knowing Rollout108->463
Trade while holding Protector112->464
Level Up knowing Ancient Power114->465
Trade while holding Electrizer125->466
Trade while holding Magmarizer126->467
Shiny Stone176->468
Level Up knowing Ancient Power193->469
Level Up at the Moss Rock133->470
Level Up at the Ice Rock133->471
Level Up with Razor Fang at Night207->472
Level Up knowing Ancient Power221->473
Trade while holding Dubious Disk233->474
Dawn Stone - Male281->475
Level Up inside Mt. Coronet299->476
Trade while holding Reaper Cloth356->477
Dawn Stone - Female361->478

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