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HintAnswerAppeared in
'It's-a me, _____!'
Once cleared a mansion of ghosts.
Named after a fruit.
Known in Japan as 'King Koopa'.
Appeared in a Tetris-like puzzle game.
Originally a villain who kidnapped Pauline.
Wears a Nintendo hat.
Cared for Mario and Luigi as babies.
His latest games are called _____Ware.
Wields the Master Blade and Triforce of Courage.
Wields the Triforce of Wisdom.
Wields the Triforce of Power.
Wind Waker's Hero of Hyrule.
The Hero of Hyrule in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask.
Bounty hunter who transforms via Final Smash.
Palutena's guardian of Angel Land.
Tag team of Popo and Nana.
Known in Japan as 'Robot'.
Star Warrior of Dreamland.
Masked warrior who pilots the Halberd.
HintAnswerAppeared in
Bird-like king of Dreamland.
Commands hordes of Pikmin.
Last name: McCloud.
Last name: Lombardi.
Last name: O'Donnell
Races with the Blue Falcon.
Pok'emon #25.
Fights with Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard.
Pok'emon #448.
Pok'emon #39
Pok'emon #172
Pok'emon #150
Wields the sword Falchion.
Wields the sword Ragnell.
Wields the Sword of Seals.
Original Earthbound protagonist.
(Earthbound) Mother 3's protagonist.
From Nintendo's oldest game series.
The Philanthropy's Soldier of Fortune.
Sega's flagship character.

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