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What Lord of the Rings characters died this way?

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Killed by Orc archers while diving in a river in the 2nd Age.
Killed by his brother while fishing.
Killed by arrows while trying to protect a Ring-Bearer.
Stabbed in the leg, loses right arm, stabbed in the gut, then loses his head.
Backstabbed (literally) by Grima Wormtongue. Falls off of his tower and is impaled on a waterwheel.
Shot in the chest by Legolas.
Knocked through the air; begins to die when his horse lands on him.
Mortally wounded when Merry stabs him in the leg; finished off when Eowyn stabs him in the face.
Aragorn cuts off his right arm; Gimli's axe plunges into his gut; Aragorn ends him with a stab to the back.
Runs off of a ledge after being lit on fire.
Aragorn cuts off his head.
Falls into the Cracks of Doom while pursuing the One Ring.
Is destroyed for good when the Ring is destroyed.

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