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To make or become less in amount or intensityThe ninja team had to abate so that they won't get arrested on site.
Not normalIt was abnormal that Cole Hence Turned into a ghost.
Sudden or unexpected While ninjas were in prison, Lloyd Garmadon made abrupt plans to escape tonight.
To speed up
The cause of serious pain and suffering, or a state of such sufferingIn season 4 episode 7, Lloyd Garmadon made affliction after master Chen stole his powers
To surprise or amaze people into a state of shockJoe went flabbergast when Cole Hence was not a ghost anymore.
Gloomy, harsh, and frightening The four ninjas were grim because Cole Hence was a ghost.
Not willing to belive something
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To informSensei Wu notified the ninjas to avoid the booby traps in his fathers resting site.
To become aware of and of the sensesCole Hence had to perceive the water balloon because he knew ghosts can't resist water.
Strong or healthyAlthough Cole Hence is a ghost, he was still a robust ninja.
Break or burstCole Hence's Rock Raider ruptured the brick wall.
To pulse or vibrateMorro slammed Cole Hence to the tea shop's outside wall and made Cole's back throb then Cole groaned.
Of very little importance or valueSome scenes of the episodes in ninjago were trivial.
To move back suddenly as though in pain and fearCole Hence winced as the water balloon came right In front of Cole.

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