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English name of the 5th Pokemon Training Region (Pokemon trainers capture pokemon with pokeballs that are NOT imported)
Orb that makes Giratina change form
Type combination with no weakness
Pokemon based after Jackie Chan
Partner pokemon in Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs
Pokeball that event Pokemon come in
Region with no medium sized legendary (i.e. Mewtwo, Darkrai, Deoxys)
Stat-raising Pokemon disease
Only move Unown can learn
First Pokemon game to have a Pokemon walk with you
Which Pokemon had it's name spelled wrong in the Pokedex of it's premier game (i.e. Red or Blue, Gold or Silver, etc.) Either the correct name or the misspelled name is acceptable.
Non-legendary, 5th Generation Pokemon that can only be obatained through an event
Name one 5th generation starter
The 4th, hidden Sinnoh lake
In the original Pokemon theme song, which flying Pokemon is carrying Squirtle?

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