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Can you name the Fighting Game Voice Actors (English)?

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CharactersVoice Actor
Chun Li, Cloud of Darkness, Shura
Miguel, Kain Highwind, Akihiko Sanada, Ky Kiske
Bob, Dracula, Ragna the Bloodege
Ken, Dante
Firion, Zero, Yang, Yu Narukami
Alucard, Cecil, Hayate, Yosuke Hanamura
M. Bison, Jax, Exdeath
Jin Kisaragi, T. Hawk, Marshall Law
Carl Clover, Shanoa, C. Viper
Iron Tager, Heihachi, Algol
CharactersVoice Actor
Vega, Squall, Hazama
Kyo, Ash Crimson, Frank West
Rufus, The Emperor
Wolverine, Taskmaster
Kasumi, Jill Valentine, Setsuka
Kilik, Brad Wong, Warrior of Light
Seth, Raidou, Astaroth
Ryu Hayabusa, Sol Badguy, Nova, Kanji
Carmilla, Helena, Aigis, Poison
Death, Guile, Jedah

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