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Can you name the answers to these tough riddles?

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In through one hole, out through two. When you move, I do too. On in the day, off through the night. Can be far out loose, or close in tight
A hat I am not, but dry i shall keep you. you only wear me because you have lost me
Projectile intercepted in enemy territory. Defense succesful
It can be cracked. It can be made. It can be told. It can be played
What is punishable by law if attempted but not committed?
I have billions of eyes, but see in the dark. Billions of ears, but only 4 lobes. I have no muscle, but rule two hemispheres What am I?
In and out like the tides i go. Past the jaws moving to and fro. If you lose me, find me fast or else my loss...will be your last
With pointed fangs, it sits in wait. With piercing force, it doles out fate. Over bloodless victims proclaims its might. Eternally joined in a single bite
We have six legs, but no arms. Despite our size, we can swarm mountains. One day, we may become men, but never for long
A word i know, six letters it contains. Subtract just one, and twelve remain.

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