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I am so simple, that i only point. But yet i guide men all over the worldCompass
You call me once, and i speak the same. Then i die until you call me againEcho
Until you measure me, im not known. But how you'll miss me when i've flownTime
Voiceless it cries, wingless it flutters, toothless it bites, mouthless it muttersWind
A box without hinges, key, or lid. But inside golden treasure is hidEgg
Two bodies have i. Both joined in one. The more I stand still the quicker I runHourglass
Alive without breath, as cold as death. Never thirsty, ever drinking, always seeing, never blinkingFish
In a green house is a white house. In the white house is a red house. In the red house are dozens of babiesWatermelon
i run with no legs, no heat have i, but yet have steam. no voice to cry out, yet from afar you hear me shoutWaterfall
My thunder comes before the lightning. My lightning comes before the clouds. My rain dries all the land it touchesVolcano

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Created Oct 28, 2010ReportNominate
Tags:riddle, tough, trick, tricky

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