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Can you name the Matrix movie in which these events occured??

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Forced Order
The Matrix Series. Chock full of events. But in which movie did they occur?
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Smith kills Neo
Oracle feeds the birds
The freeway chase
The Trainman is introduced
Neo stops four sentinels
Morpheus fights Smith
Morpheus fights Johnson
The Crew escapes in the wall
The Oracle's appearance is altered
Niobe pilots the Hammer
Neo kisses Persephone
'Tasty Wheat'
Zion's first appearance
Maggie is killed
The Oracle lays in the rain
Morpheus is almost changed into a Smith
A phone is dropped in a garbage can
'I can only show you the door...'
The Merovingian is eating olives
Room 303
The Crew almost pulls the plug on Morpheus
'The result of the equation trying to balance itself out'
Trinity first uses the Scorpion Kick
The fields are first shown
'I guess that makes us even...'

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