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Forced Order
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EventLast Word of BookFun Facts
Please answer as either: stone, secrets, azkaban, fire, phoenix, prince, or hallows. Enter 'Go' to begin
Dobby finds the room of requirement
The trio sit outside with Hermione's jar of flames
Harry leads a crowd of adults out of the Department of Mysteries
Harry casts a Patronus during a Quidditch Match
Fred and George take an Aging Potion
Harry jacks Mundungus up outside of a pub
Riddle has a discussion with Professor Dippet for the first time
Malfoy challenges Harry to a Midnight Duel
Harry threatens to break down Hagrid's door
Ron speaks Parseltongue
Ludo Bagman
Thirteen people come to Hogwarts Christmas feast
Firenze steps in to teach Divination
EventLast Word of BookFun Facts
Luna wears a Gryffindor Lion on her head
Harry steps through a golden mist that turns the world upside down
A mummy is seen in a classroom
Harry and Ron hide in a wardrobe to eavesdrop
The only book in which Harry does NOT have a heart to heart recap of events at the end with Dumbledore
A cupid sits on Harry
Bellatrix tortures Hermione
'Use it well'
Harry and Hermione sit in a broom closet to contemplate their actions
Voldemort returns
'There's no need to call me 'sir' professor'
Harry feels ashamed about his father for the first time
Hagrid makes Harry a flute
'Harry is the best hope we have. Trust him'

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