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Can you name the book (water, earth or fire) in which these Avatar events occured?

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Sokka buys a messenger hawk
Jet dies
The gang take turns picking vacation spots
A spirit kidnaps Sokka
Zuko gives his knife to a boy
Aang asks Zuko to dance with him
Sokka tackles Aang in anger
Toph calls Katara a sugar queen
The gang meet the Fire sages
Uncle kicks Azula out of a ship
Azula hallucinates seeing her mother
Toph kisses Suki on the cheek
Sokka builds a sand sculpture of Suki
Bumi reconquers Omashu
Zuko uses Katara's necklace to track the gang
Aang sees another airbender Airsurf
Zuko locks Mai in a cell
Aang avoids falling into a spiked boobytrap
Katara uses the Spirit Water
Aang and Katara kiss for the second time
Aang and Katara kiss for the final time
Uncle cries while singing Leaves from the Vine
Aang meeets Kho
Katara pretends to Earthbend
The gang meets Bato

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