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Can you name the The Batman Beyond Characters?

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Kidanapped Dana and brought her to the sewers
Possesses a laser sharpened sword
Helped Terry fight off a gang outside of a mansion
The hypnotist who framed Terry for Mad Stan's 'death'
The first to discover Terry's secret
Still as icy as ever, and had a 'meltdown'
Attached themselves to the Batplane to attack the Bamans
Kidnaps Matt in order to capture Terry
The gang modeling after their clown prince
Used two towers as a tuning fork
The wildest anti-government terrorist..ever
Is falling infinitly to the Earth's core and the second to discover Batman's secret
Stole the Batsuit
Terry's mistress's family
Currently possessing his daughter's body
Earned his mind control abilities after a shock from the Golem
Zander, Dr. Chides and Falseface work for this Organization

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