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Can you name the answers to these questions from ROOTS episode 1?

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What is Kunta Kinte's Father's name?
His Mother's Name?
How many days after he was born does his father name him?
Of what religion is Captain Davies?
How many slaves does he expect to capture?
What attacks the she-goat Kunta was protecting?
What does he ward it off with?
While guarding one as a boy, what was his father attacked by?
Where is Kunta captured to be brought to manhood camp?
What is the name Kunta gives the man he fights with?
While having a heart-to-heart with Kunta, the man who he fights with, says to not have courage as what animal?
What does Kunta see while chasing a bird?
What are the other boys doing when Kunta returns with the news?
What is Kunta's brothers' name?
Who makes a surprise visit to Kunta's hut?
Kunta decides to make what for his brother?
What is Kunta searching for when he sees men about to capture him?
What does Kunta's father find to let him know his son has been captured?
Who is Kunta praying to as he is shipped off to America?
Who encourages the slaves to combine into one tribe and learn about one another to take down the white men?

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