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Can you name the answers to these questions from ROOTS episode 6?

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What was Tom's brother yelling on his way back to the plantation?
Who wonders what to do after they hear this news?
What do they suggest?
How many children does Tom have?
What do the White's say they can't go around doing anymore?
What tragic news does Irene tell Tom?
What do the night riders set on fire during their raid?
What does Tom suggest to put a mark on to figure out who did it?
Who shakes Master Harvey's hand goodbye?
Who begs Tom not to go into town?
How much money does Evan Brent say the Blacks are in debt?
Who is made overseer once more?
Evan Brent burns holes into a pillow cover thus creating what group?
What does he do to Tom?
After Old George intervenes and continues himself, the nightriders leave. What does he pray Tom is?
Who does Tom ask to leave so they dont see him this way?
What was hidden under that person's bed?
Who arrives that night that Tom nearly hurts?
What state does that person say he has land?
Who does Irene go back to see?
How many mules does Old George says he needs??
What does Tom's son do to signal the coast is clear to stop pretending?
What does Matilda say is nothing hard about being?
What two people regales the family with the history of Kunta Kinte?
Who closes out the story of ROOTS?

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