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Can you name the answers to these questions from the 5th episode of ROOTS?

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What kind of papers doesn't Chicken George know about?
What is the name of the slave killing Whites?
How much money does Chicken George figure will buy them free?
What does Matilda find while picking mushrooms?
Squire James promises Chicken George and Matilda's freedom in how many years?
When Master Moore refuses to ever let Chicken George go, what does he get from the dead man?
In order to stop him, Kizzy tells Chicken George that Master Moore is his what?
Master Moore says he'll set Chicken George free if he does what at the chicken fight?
Does he?
Where must Chicken George go now?
Who does Chicken George tell his sons about before leaving?
Who does Kizzy believe she sees riding in a wagon?
When she lies, what does Kizzy do to her cup of water?
How many years has gone by before Chicken George's return?
Question Answer
Where is Matilda when he arrives?
What does Chicken George tell her Master Moore gave him?
What is Chicken George's son Tom's job?
How long can Chicken George stay in the state before becoming a slave again?
Implying Chicken George should leave, what does Matilda say she is married to?
Who does Chicken George ask to not give up on him?
What does Tom catch a white boy doing in his stable?
What name does his family give him?
What is his wife's name?
What job does he get?
What happened to his son?
When Tom realizes he's been tricked by Brent and find him about to rape his wife, what does he do to the masters clothes?
What does Tom do to Brent?

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