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Can you name the answers to these questions from the 3rd episode from ROOTS?

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How many years has passed since Episode 2?
What can still be seen on Kunta's back?
Fiddler says 'White folk live by it, negroes die by it'. What is 'it'?
What does Kunta hop in the back of to escape for the second time?
Where does he hide once he arrives?
Who does he find, and want to run away with?
Who do they say their 'real name' is?
What are the two doing when they get caught?
As punishment, what is cut off of Kunta?
Who has been taking care of him since then?
They purposely make him angry to force Kunta to what?
Who does Genlva pretend o give up for Kunta?
This was a trick to help them to what?
What does Kunta become for the master in place of someone else?
Fiddler says the white man's victory is seeing a black man what?
In response, what does Kunta do with the person who has been nuturing him?
He meets a fellow African at night playing what?
The sound of it is a signal for Kunta to what?
Bell reveals that she is what?
What does he name his daughter?
And it means?
Who dies in Kunta's presence?
What does Kunta hear playing after he dedicates his daughter?
What does kunta decide to do?

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