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Can you name the answers to these questions from the 4th episode of ROOTS?

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How many years has it been since Episode 3?
Who is interested in Kizzy?
Who is coming to visit the plantation?
What does Kizzy show her parents that she can do?
What does Kizzy's boyfriend want to learn how to do from Kunta?
What weapon does Kizzy's boyfriend steal?
Who does Master William catch reading?
How long does Kunta say a runaway should stay hidden to have the best chance of staying free?
Was Kizzy's boyfriend caught?
When Kizzy was caught helping her boyfriend, what does Master William do to her?
Who is the slave owner now?
In belief they will return, what does Kunta say you should keep the dust from?
When the new master rapes Kizzy, what does she say she'll have to make him stop?
18 years later, what is the name of Kizzy's son?
What does he tend to?
What does Kizzy want her son and Matilda to do?
Who is now interested in Kizzy?
What word does he use when asking Kizzy for water that insults her?
Who is upset about Kizzy's relationship?
What does Kizzy's man ask of her?
What does the master say he's going out for when he really goes to see Kizzy?
What does Kizzy write on her fathers grave?
Does Kizzy decide to go with her man?
What does the master make Chicken George?

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