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Can you name the Naruto Characters by Jutsus?

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Takigakure Whirlwind
Paper Person of God Technique
Tailed Beast Lariat
Drowning Water Blob
Daytime Tiger
Explosive Bubbles Technique
Protecting Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms
Sand Waterfall Imperial Funeral
Spontaneous Tree Summoning
Eight Trigrams Mountain Crusher
Shadow Clutch Technique
Great Wind Protective Wall
Liger Bomb
Wood Release: True Several Thousand Hands
Secret Sword: Moonlight
Fang Wolf Fang
Super Beast Scroll
Leaf-Style Willow
Heavenly Chain Disaster
Blade of Wind
Piston Fist
Chidori (Creator)
Rasengan (Creator)
Leaf Rising Wind
Wind Style: Rasenshuriken
Performance of a Hundred Puppets
Strange Mask Exploding Flame
Shikotsumyaku (Bone Kekkei-Genkai)
Amaterasu (First User)
Suicide Bombing Clone
Parasite Clone
Barrier Tailsman: Armored Eye
Spiked Human Bullet Tank
Shadow Clone Jutsu (Creator)
Scattering Thousand Crows Technique
Wind Release: Verdant Mountain Gale
Wild Lion's Mane
Bloody Mist Sword Art: Bone Mutilation
Ninken Ninja Art: Hound Clone
Water Style: A Thousand Feeding Sharks
Creation Rebirth
Crystal Style
Death Controlling Possessed Blood
Mind Clone Switch
Mind Puppet Switch Cursed Seal Technique
Poison Cloud Technique
Storm Release Light Fang

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