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Idea RepresentedMovement or ThinkerType of idea or person
Movement that stressed the importance of breaking with traditional norms entirely, rather than revising themCultural movement
English modernist author of 'Mrs. Dalloway'Author
Quite literally the end of an era; commonly associated with decadence, degeneration and declineCultural movement
World War I era English poet who glorified the purifying qualities of war as 'swimmers into cleanness leaping'Poet
English poet and soldier who portrayed the horror of the First World War; killed two weeks before the armisticePoet
Irish modernist author whose character Stephen Daedlus stated 'history is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake'Author
Term for the jubilation in Germany at the outbreak of World War IFirst World War
Austrian composer whose ninth major work, 'The Song of Earth,' drew heavily from ancient Chinese poetryComposer
Austrian composer who became known for his use of atonality in works such as 'Transfigured Night'Composer
Avante Garde art movement championed by painters such as Pablo Picasso and Georges BraqueArtistic movement
Movement in art and literature that elevated subjectivity and emotion above realityCultural movement
Ballet composed by Igor Stravinsky that tells the story of a primitive virginal sacrificeBallet
Italian author of the Futurist Manifesto who celebrated machinery, violence, and the destruction of the pastIdeologue, poet, author
French painter of such works as 'Mont Ste. Victoire' who is often credited as being a forerunner to cubismArtist
Spanish thinker of the inter-war period who warned against the pitfalls of liberal democracy in his book 'The Revolt of the Masses'Author
Russian expressionist painter whose synesthesia allowed him to 'paint sounds' in paintings such as 'Composition IV'Artist
Dada artist famous for displaying a urinal as a statueArtist
German sociologist who wrote on charisma and whose 'Politics as Vocation' was referenced in Barack Obama's Nobel Prize Acceptance SpeechSociologist
German author of the Dada Manifesto, which ridiculed the meaninglessness of the modern worldAuthor
Russian political radical in exile who lead the Marxist take-over of RussiaPolitical Theorist
Idea RepresentedMovement or ThinkerType of idea or person
German playwright who, with Kurt Weill, wrote the Threepenny Opera, stating 'First comes the belly, then the morality'Playwright, poet, theatre director
French neurologist and psychologist whose ideas served as the basis for Sigmund FreudNeurologist, psychologist
Freud's theory that in order to deflect primal urges and maintain freedom, man must transform those urges into artistic impulsesPsychological theory
Thomas Mann's novella describing the hypnotic and charismatic power of a 'fascist' Italian magicianNovella
German author of 'Storm of Steel,' a memoir of the First World War that implicitly glorifies the war's violenceAuthor
Hungarian writer who disavowed his earlier Communism in the book 'Darkness at Noon'Writer
German jurist who gave legal justification for the ascent of Nazi dictatorshipJurist
Last president of the Weimar Republic, who issued the Reichstag Decree and signed the Enabling Act, opening the way for Hitler's rise to powerPolitician
Head of the Reich Chamber of Culture who emphasised the importance of volk, will, and blood over rationalityPropagandist
Term used to describe modern art that did not embrace the 'blood and soil' values of Nazi CulturePropaganda
Yugoslavian dictator who purported to offer a 'Third Way' between Soviet Communism and CapitalismDictator
Hungarian Prime Minister who offered a 'New Course' of non-Soviet backed socialismPolitician
An originally Islamic term that was applied to intellectuals in Eastern Bloc countries who were publicly Communists but privately dissidentsTheory
Polish poet in exile who authored 'The Captive Mind' about the crisis of the intellectual in a totalitarian statePoet, author
French philosopher who expounded on the ideas of bad faith and authenticity in his existentialist book 'Being and Nothingness'Philosopher
19th Century Danish precursor to existentialism who embraced faith in God expressly because it was an irrational, subjective truthPhilosopher
French absurdist philosopher for whom the only true philosophical problem was that of suicideAuthor
18th Century prison design of Jeremy Bentham, later used by Michel Foucault to describe modern tendencies towards discipline rather than punishmentSocial concept
Social theory of French philosopher Jean Baudrillard, which built on the ideas of imitation and pasticheSocial theory
Literary theorist who developed DeconstructionismLiterary theorist

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